About Skopje


The pilot and related is focused on urban development planning, especially community facilities including recreation facilities and traffic.  In the policy domain of traffic a specific challenge that is addressed is the optimisation of the bike infrastructure. It is a political objective to increase the % of the population using bikes from 2,5 % to 5 %.


Like other cities in the Western Balkan region, in recent years, the City of Skopje has experienced a huge construction boom. A new airport and many new buildings were constructed to make Skopje more attractive as a city and tourist destination. The growing number of citizens led to construction of new residential buildings and increased need for the transportation of commuters. As a result, the number of cars has increased in Skopje in the last few years with negative side effects such as air pollution, higher level of noise, congestion, lack of parking space, increased daily commuting time (to work, school, recreation, shopping, etc.).


Questionnaire Mount Vodno in FUPOL Core Platform


The city of Skopje launched its first trial in July 2013 engaging the public in a discussion about outdoor sports equipment and subsequently in October 2013 about street lightning. Various PR activities were launched to alert the citizens on the possibilities of using electronic channels to influence policy decisions. While the first campaign on outdoor sports equipment did not have a big response, which was probabl y due to the timing (summer vacation) the second generated a lot of public interest. In December 2013 through January 2014, the main focus was the creation and popularization of the Vodno mountain recreational activities campaign. Public opinion was gathered by a questionnaire and an interactive map demanding the placement of pins at points of citizens’ interest. The campaigns were publicized through Twitter and Facebook. A total of 2010 views are recorded to the posts. Public dialogue was sustained with 15 comments, 5 emails and 39 filled questionnaires.


In the month of January 2014 the City of Skopje launched its third trial, about the recreational habits on the mountain Vodno. This campaign was consisted of two survey lists and a chance for citizens to comment on the internet. This campaign was also a success and it generated many comments, suggestions and critical comments by citizens. In furthering openness and accessibility to the citizens, all comments and suggestions about the FUPOL project can be given throw email ( This resulted in over 50 comments on this subject on the interactive map, the social media profiles (facebook, twitter and blogspot) and by email.


Snapshot of Vodno recreation campaign