Yantai IIC

Yantai IIC

Yantai Integrated Information Centre is a government agency, which belongs to the government of the Yantai City in China. Yantai is currently the second largest industrial city in Shandong, next only to Qingdao. Its main responsibility is to integrate the distributed information of all regions, departments and work units within Yantai, establish three uniform platforms which cover Data, Information and Network areas and fulfil the role of technical support agency in the construction of e-government in Yantai.


The aim of the Yantai Integrated Information Centre is to meet the needs of data and information sharing within the city, provide the relevant, authentic, timely, and reliable information to leaders at all levels in order to assist them to make decisions efficiently, give the technical supports to all departments and counties for their e-government constructions, supply the technical standards and professional work guides to e-government constructions of Yantai.

Since it has been established, Yantai Integrated Information Centre had already undertaken several e-government construction projects, for instance, ‘Government data centers’, ‘Government portal’, ‘Yantai Citizen Card’, ‘Digital City Management System’ and ‘E-Government Professional Network’.


At present, the Yantai Integrated Information Centre consisting of six departments - OAM of Website Department, E-Government Technique and Application Department, Network Construction, Operation and Maintaining Department, Citizen Card Administration Department, Information Stand Administration Department and General Department.


Key Staff


Cao Jing is the key link between the EU and China, having played an important role in linking the city, Ministry in Beijing, and EU partners in the EU-China IST Project. Educated at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), she is Adjunct Professor Of Ludong University (LDU).  Presently she is Deputy Head of Yantai Economic and Information Technology Committee & Head of Yantai Integrated Information Centre having worked for the city for 24 years. She has drafted the Informatization Construction Technical Proposal and organized the implementation of thirteen significant informatization construction projects.  She has organized and implemented fifteen state-level and provincial-level scientific research items. She has obtained the “Open-Source Outstanding Contribution Award” from China Software Industry Association. She hosts the comprehensive works of Yantai Integrated Information Centre which is the technical support department of Yantai’s informatization, and hosts the comprehensive works of Yantai Citizen Card and Yantai Information Kiosks projects which are in the frontline in Shandong Province and were the subject of the EU-China collaboration. Cao Jing supervised the Information Centre of Yantai Economic and Trade Commission.  Presented at World eID, France. Invited by EU to Malmö, Sweden and participated in the related conferences. Participated at the EUVP and attended related conferences which were held in Belgium.


Boyong Wang has an MA in International Relations and China Studies from the Foreign Affairs College in Beijing and an MA in International Economics and American Foreign Policy having studied at Johns Hopkins University in both Bologna, Italy and in Washington DC. His main experience of value to this project is having been a leading figure in the EU-China IST project and subsequently co-Chair of the EU-China e-Forum. This gives him access to all the leading eGovernment cities and institutions in China. He has EU project experience as Chinese link to EU FP7 Framework project CATCH.