Romanian American University

Romanian American University

Founded in 1991, the Romanian American University – RAU is one of the private Universities in Romania, and it offers training for about 15,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. As one of the major institutions of higher education in Romania, the University is committed to provide a wide spectrum of disciplines in teaching and research, to generate outstanding achievements, and to break new ground through the targeted utilization of the advantages and synergies of interdisciplinary work in research and teaching. This year, as a result of the institutional evaluation process, RAU has been awarded the maximum available mark of “High Degree of Confidence”. The R&D activity is a basic part of the University, and it is focused on eLearning, eHealth, eGovernment, eBusiness, eWorking


Key staff


Maria Moise is full professor at the RAU University, and also she is Vice Rector with research activity here (2003-present). Her doctoral degree is in the field of Information Systems & Intelligent Systems Applied in Economic Area. Her research interest include: intelligent systems, neural networks, mathematic modelling, fuzzy logic, rough sets, web technologies, e-learning environments, e-business, e-government and e-health. She is the author/co-author of 19 books and over 170 scientific papers. She has extensive experience in ICT project management, having more than 50 research contracts funded by National/International Programs. She is also national assessor of National Programs (CEEX, PNCDI, CNCSIS GRANT), and also she participated as an evaluator in a number of EU programs including FP6. Between 1999-2003 she was Dean and Rector of AISTEDA University in Bucharest, and between 1972-1999 she worked as scientific researcher at National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics, and she was part time professor at the Polytechnic University and the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Between 1993-1994, Maria Moise obtained two Research Fellowships at LAFORIA Laboratory of P. M. University, Paris VI and she worked in the field of Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems and Fuzzy Logic. Between 2001-2003 she was standing member of Steering Committee–EU, regarding “Promoting Multimedia Access for Education and Training in European Society – PROMETEUS” - EC, as the Romanian representative.


Ovidiu Folcut is full professor at the Faculty of Domestic and International Commercial Finance-Banking Relations from the Romanian-American University. He has a PhD in Economics since 2004 and relevant experience mainly in the same field. He published 11 books, 27 articles in national or international scientific journals, 47 papers in proceedings and was a member of 17 national and international grants (one of these grants is developing under the FP 7 auspices and he coordinate 3 of them like director).


Crisan Daniela Alexandra is full associate professor at the RAU University, and she is responsible with the research activity here, being the faculty’s scientific secretary. Her competences are: mathematical modelling, programming languages (high level and assembly level) for desktop, web and mobile applications, software systems engineering.  From 2004 she was member in research teams of eight national and international grants and of two contracts with social and business environment. She published 8 books  and over 60 scientific papers published in national and international journals/proceedings.


Marilena Aura Din is full associate professor of the RAU University. She has PhD in Mathematics, is specialized in Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Policy Education Modelling, and in using specialized software packages. She has experience in education policy research being counsellor in Romanian Ministry of Education.  Recently, she was being Assist Senior Researcher and Evaluation Officer intern with Academy of Educational Development, Washington DC, United States where she conducted higher education policy research, and she was visiting scientist intern with International Development Group for Education Research at Research Triangle Institute International, Washington DC, United States.