Pegeia Municipality

Pegeia Municipality

Pegeia Municipality is a public local government body in the district of Paphos. Pegeia Municipal Council is the policy-making body in its area of jurisdiction for a number of issues and policy areas defined by national law.


According to the Cyprus Law, the main responsibilities of municipalities are the construction, maintenance and lighting of streets, the collection, disposal and treatment of waste, the protection and improvement of the environment and the good appearance of the municipal areas, the construction, development and maintenance of municipal gardens and parks and the protection of public health. The Municipal Council has the authority to promote, depending on its finances, a vast range of activities and events including the arts, education, sport and social services. In addition to the Municipalities Law, there are several laws giving to municipalities important powers other than those already mentioned. Such laws are the Streets and Buildings Regulation Law, the Town Planning Law, the Civil Marriages Law and the Sewerage Systems Law.


As the municipal policy-making authority, Pegeia has developed a strong administrative and management structure and is therefore in a position to provide administrative and managerial support for the duration of the project.


Pegeia Municipality is the largest municipality in Cyprus in terms of geographic area as it covers an area of 4,552 hectares- a relatively large area for Cyprus standards. Combining spectacular mountain landscapes with crystal blue beaches, Pegeia has established a strong position in tourism, attracting thousands of international and internal visitors each year. Indeed, most inhabitants work in tourism, while many permanent residents are foreign nationals, giving the area a cosmopolitan flair. Indeed, the municipality is the only local government body in Cyprus where a foreign national permanent resident of Pegeia has been elected as member of the municipal council.


The Municipal Council has a total of nine members and is organized into various thematic committees including: Management Committee, Executive Committee, Staff Recruitment, Offers Committee, Staff Committee, Cultural Development, Tourist Promotion, Health and Environment, Youth, Public Relations, Town Planning, School Board.


Key staff


Marios Matheou is General Secretary at Pegeia Municipality since 1998. His duties include ensuring that all municipal departments operate smoothly, support the Mayor in all aspects of his work, including the provision and upgrade of social welfare services. He holds a BA in Business Administration, University of Munich, Germany and an MA in Tourism Management from the same university. He is fluent in Greek, English, German and Italian.


Stella Demetriou is European Affairs Officer at Pegeia Municipality and is responsible for the organization and oversight of the implementation of European funded projects. She holds a BA in History & Archaeology, University of Ioannina, Greece. She has extensive experience in Special Education Support and support services to foreign residents.


Maria Akordaliti holds a BA in Philosophy, Education and Psychology from the University of Ioannina in Greece. She is employed by the Municipality of Pegeia in the post of Municipal Officer and is involved in policy implementation.