Interfusion Ltd

Interfusion Ltd

InterFusion Services Ltd is an innovative R&D SME based in Cyprus comprising three core Departments: 1. ICT & Media Department, 2. Socio-Humanities & Political Studies Department, and 3. The Environmental Policy Department. InterFusion employs experts in the above departments with vast experience in the management and coordination of research funded projects in both national and European level projects. All three departments support a dynamic intellectual team of members that focus on actively contributing and exploring links between the most important core areas related to the wide range of Socio Humanities and in horizontal ICT fields like e-learning, e-government and e-inclusion, while keeping in tune with the regional, national and international developments.


Key staff


Dr. Andreas S. Andreou, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology of the Cyprus University of Technology and an external collaborator of InterFusion. Holds B.Sc (1993) and Ph.D (2000), University of Patras, Greece, School of Engineering, Dept. of Computer Engineering and Informatics. He was member of the faculty of the School of Pure and Applied Sciences, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, for 8 years (Lecturer, 2002-2006; Assistant Professor, 2006-2009), where he was also Director of the Software Engineering & Intelligent Information Systems Research Lab. He served as Software Engineering and IT consultant in several major software projects in Cyprus including the Integrated Software System for the New Nicosia General Hospital and the Cyprus Cultural Portal (Ministry of Education and Culture). He participated in a number of EU funded projects as a principal investigator (e.g. GENESIS, Nature-GIS, Enlarge, HelthNet, Emergency-112, Navsav, e-Minder).His research interests include Software Engineering, Web Engineering and Mobile Software Engineering, Computational Intelligence in Software Engineering and Intelligent Information Systems. He has published dozens of articles on fuzzy cognitive maps.


Haris Neophytou is the founder and Managing Director of Interfusion and is responsible for shaping the company's overall corporate strategy and technology agenda while overseeing the company's R&D core function. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus and an MBA from the Cyprus International Institute of Management. He is the coordinator of the Cypriot pilot for DIEGO, ICT-PSP project, and is asdvisor to NIMONIA TV for the SARACEN, FP7 project. In his previous job assignment he was leading the R&D efforts of a prestigious telco, PrimeTel Plc. At PrimeTel he was involved in many R&D projects (FP7-ICT, CIP) and undertook  roles spanning from project coordinator to work-package and task leader. Indicatively he was involed with FP7-ICT projects SmoothIT and MIMAX, CIP-IST-PSP project T-SENIORITY, EUREKA Celtic projects R2D2 Networks and MOTSWAN, EUREKA EUROSTARS project ASPIS, Research Promotion Foundation projects IPTV Commerce, VCNM, WDM-PON and POLY-BIO.  He was also involved in the authoring of four successful proposals under ICT-4 in 2009, namely COMET, SARACEN, MAINS and STRONGEST. Areas of expertise include e-inclusion, e-government, IPTV, overlay networks, fuzzy cognitive maps and medical informatics.


Anna Hassapi is Project Manager at Interfusion. She holds a BA in International Studies and Political Science from the University of Miami, Florida and an MA in European Politics (stream ‘Citizenship, Democracy and the EU) with Merit from the University of Leeds, UK. A member of the US National Society of Collegiate Scholars, European Association for the Defence of Human Rights and the European Survey Research Association, and an alumnus of the Cyprus-America Scholarship Program, funded by the Fulbright Commission.