City of Zagreb

City of Zagreb

THE CITY OF ZAGREB is the capital of the Republic of Croatia, a unit of local administration and at the same time of regional administration at county level. Organization and scope of activities are regulated by the Act of the City of Zagreb and by the Statute of the City, legally represented by the mayor. The City is independent in decision-making within its sphere of powers pursuant to the Constitution, the law and the Statute. City Administration bodies are: The City Assembly (representative body) and The Mayor (executive body). Members of the City Assembly and Mayor with his two deputies are elected on direct elections.   Organization of city administrative bodies is composed of 15 City Offices, 1 City Bureau and 3 City Services. They are responsible to the Mayor and to the City Government.


Local self-government is organized in 17 City Districts represented by City Districts Councils. Residents of districts elect members of Councils. City districts and local boards are legal entities. The City of Zagreb cooperates with the neighbouring municipalities and cities, with other cities, municipalities and counties of the RC, as well as with other local and regional self-administration units in other countries. The City of Zagreb is active on the international plan through its membership in international and intercity organizations and associations (The Assembly of the European Regions – AER, Metropolis, Euro-cities, Major Cities of Europe IT Users' Group, Impacts, Union of the capital cities of the central and south-eastern Europe…) and by participating in numerous international issues on the development and advancing local self-administration.


Key staff:


Elizabeta Knorr, graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb in 1981, passed exam and validated degree at the University of Bologna.
Since 2006, she participates in the European network of cities for local integration of policies for migrants (CLIP) as a representative of the City of Zagreb. During her professional career she also worked as the Head of Department of Legal services and housing in the City administration of the City of Zagreb, as Head of the Department of Legal Affairs at the City administration of the City of Zagreb on the affairs of the city regulations in the area and as Advisor for Legislative activity in the City Office for Physical Planning and Construction of the City. Her current position is in the Mayor's Office where she works as a Head of Department for the promotion of human rights, gender equality, relations with national minorities and religious communities and civil society development.


Nensi Radulović is assistant to the Principal of Office of the Mayor and Expert Adviser and a head of the Department for European integrations and EU funds.
Graduated studies: Faculty of Political Science “PDS International Relations” (M.Sc. of International Relations), Philosophical Faculty at Zagreb University (BSc Philosopher, BSc Indologist). During her professional career she worked as: Adviser for the European Union in Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Head of the Office for European Integrations in Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Zagreb Chamber, Head of the CCC Committee for EU and as Special Adviser of the Chamber President for International Relations in CCC- Zagreb Chamber. She is experienced in the field of International Relations and EU projects funded by EC-CCC budgets: IPA, Cards 2002, 2003, 2004, Phare 2005, Phare 2006, Tempus, Sapard, Interreg IIIA i IIIB, CIP / IEE, 6. i 7. OP, BSP 2006, BSP 2007, bilateral programs for support (Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Italy). She is also advising business communities in EU topics, transferring know-how and Tailored made services, coordinating consortiums and organizing conferences.