Betrieb für Informationstechnologie Bremerhaven

Betrieb für Informationstechnologie Bremerhaven

The Betrieb für Informationstechnologie (BIT) acts as secretary for the MCE and has therefore access to a wide network of IT users in major cities all over Europe. It is participating in this function in the consortium and represents the Major Cities of Europe Network.

b.i.t. GmbH (founded 2002) is a company, operating owned to a 100% by the City of Bremerhaven. 23 staff members are actually working for the b.i.t. GmbH. b.i.t. and b.i.t. GmbH are working closely together, sharing the same management. Additionally about 30 staff members work in the different departments of the municipality, busy with the special administrative, non-technical management of their applications (application-user accounts, etc.).


Key staff


Sonja Ressin is the head of the department e-Government of the b.i.t., with the responsibility for all projects in the domain. She manages a broad range of e-Government and EU-related projects.





Alexander Krock studied information technology at the College of Bremerhaven. He has a wide range of responsibilities. One is the production of most EU-related documents. He will also be responsible for FUPOL-related activities.




MAJOR CITIES OF EUROPE - IT – User´s Group is an independent association of European Local Government Corporate Information Officers managing ICT as the engine of innovation.
The Group was founded in 1982 as a result of an initiative by the Greater London Council. The membership covers almost every country in Scandinavia and the Western and Southern parts of Europe. Since the end of the Cold War cities from the eastern part of Europe have also joined the Group, together with some non-European cities, such as Tel Aviv, Boston and Tblissi.
The Headquarter of the MCE organisation is located in Bremerhaven, Germany. The office takes care of all relevant affairs of the group, like the management of members and sponsors, invoices, MCE-portal (content and technical support) and a lot of additional administrative issues.

Their objectives are:

  • To effect a voluntary exchange of ideas, visions and experience between members of the Group for the purpose of improving the performance of local government by using information technology and Exchange of ideas, visions and experience between members of the Group for the purpose of improving the performance of local government by using information technology and 
  • To represent the collective interests of members of the Group in discussions with public authorities, suppliers of information technology and other relevant organizations at European level.

The results of FUPOL will be disseminated by this group. As they are an independent network, they use BIT as their legal representative. The administrative work will be done by BIT.
Although the exact position and tasks of local authorities in the different countries may vary, the main objectives will be the same.


The Group’s Annual Conference is usually held in June and is hosted by one of the member cities. The careful selection of topics and speakers, the time allocated for Q&A and debate, and thorough preparation in advance of each session by the chair enhance the value of the conference.


Moreover the portal at contains a continuously updated knowledge base, the new periodical newsletter provides highlights about the Local Government market and news about MCE. Also many workshops are run whose results we share and publish for all members. Example are the workshops dedicated to “Smart Cities” , “Municipal Wireless”, “Local Government Transformation”, “e-administration in action”, “Open Source in Local Government” and “Shared service Centers, Outsourcing and Cloud computing”.


The Group is chosen because through the already existing channels of the Group and its wide network it offers great opportunities for dissemination activities. Also it carries a great expertise in organizing international conferences and workshops.


Giorgio Prister, President of Major Cities of Europe organization
Giorgio Prister is graduated from the Rome University in Electronic Engineering. He has worked for 32 years for IBM. In IBM he covered multiple professional and managerial positions in manufacturing, sales, marketing, market strategies and finance. For more than 10 years since 1995 he has been leading sales and marketing for Europe’s IBM Local Government Industry. In that role he has been driving the European IBM organization into promoting innovation and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the transformation of Public Administration.

Since June 2008 he is President of the Major Cities of Europe. He is also member of the Global Forum Steering Committee. This is an international “think tank” organized by Items International and the Sophia Antipolis foundation. It gathers annually the main international players of ICT, Media. EU and Public Administrations from Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Korea etc.


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