WP2: Policy Analysis and Modelling

WP2: Policy Analysis and Modelling

WP-Leader: University of Barcelona
The aim is to derive guidelines for the spiral policy modelling approach consisting of:

  • Cognitive Models:
  • Causal Models specified in Coloured Petri Net Formalism
  • Agent Behaviour

The scope of the models will be limited to the major domains in urban policies including:

  • Land use and urban planning
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Demography
  • Finance, Economic Affairs
  • Family
  • Public Transport
  • Cultural Affairs
  • Social Affairs, Public Health and Hospitals

It will contain models and guidelines for the top domain use cases. A specific objective is to develop theoretical models for the policy areas of the pilots to evaluate the applicability of the generic models in practice.

This implies that the policy landscape is analyzed together with users in selected domains relevant to cities and municipalities.