WP1: Consortium Management

WP1: Consortium Management

WP-Leader: Cellent-AG
The aim is to coordinate the overall technological progress, operational tasks, administration and finances of the project, to communicate with the European Commission and to coordinate and supervise the multi-disciplinary team of European partners to realize the deliverables and milestones according to the work plan.


The Coordinator is the intermediary between the European Commission and the Consortium, responsible for the entire project management and control. At the same time the coordinator must ensure that all consortium members are working towards the same objectives, contractually, technically and administratively.


The WP objectives are:

  • ensure that the project results are delivered on time and budget
    • Controlling of budget and resources together with work package leaders
    • Monitor and review progress
  • ensure that all legal and contractual obligations of the consortiums towards the EC are met
  • ensure proper reporting of status and progress internally and towards the EC
  • ensure the quality through the establishment of quality control mechanism
  • Minimize and control risks through proper risk managemen
  • Establish mechanisms to manage and control changes

The overall management structure of the project is shown below: